What do our clients say about CAP Partners?

Dave and Carol Kopko, Clients since 2008

My wife and I joined the CAP Partners family over ten years ago in order to prepare us for our upcoming retirements. They methodically walked us through many scenarios to better prepare us for our future challenges. These included a structured savings plan, a review of post-retirement income to meet our goals, a review of adequate income and planning should one or both of us pass, a Long Term Health care review, post-retirement medical insurance needs, social security assistance, and a last will and testament review.

We have now been retired for over seven years and have accomplished all of our goals with the guidance of CAP Partners. Perhaps the most important benefit of CAP Partners is the personal relationships and confidence of having this vast network working personally for us.

Jenny Collins, Client since 2010

I have been working with Brendan Easterday and Tanya Spiller at CAP Partners, LLC for many years. They continue to impress me with their investment knowledge and various investment strategies. Time is never a factor as they explain their plans in detail and they are always available to answer any questions that I might have.

CAP Partners has an exceptional staff of advisors and I would be very comfortable working with any one of them to advise me on my investments and financial planning. Finding someone who you trust with your finances can be a daunting task and a bit overwhelming; I am confident that this group always prioritizes my best interests! CAP Partners is an outstanding group that has the perfect balance of professionalism and friendship. They have never disappointed me with any financial decisions that they have made. I have referred friends to the CAP team and they have been extremely pleased with their CAP relationship as well. They have been the perfect match for me!




DisclosuresThese testimonials are from clients who are currently with CAP Partners. They were not compensated in any way for providing their honest reviews.