Our Services

CAP Partners is committed to helping clients reach their individual financial goals. We are an independent practice--ensuring objectivity in providing advice and maintaining accountability for the advice given. This philosophy keeps our clients' best interests as the top priority. By developing a comprehensive plan today, we can help you improve your financial outlook for tomorrow.


Our asset management services include portfolios customized to your stage in life--whether you are working with young children or getting ready for retirement.  Our custodian for assets, Charles Schwab, is premier in the industry and provides great service and tools for our clients. 


Our financial planning is a comprehensive 5 stage process that addresses all parts of your financial life and utilizes our online wealth management tool eMoney as your real-time financial plan. 













We employ a six-step process to help you build a stronger retirement plan for your company. We also engage your plan participants with educational and financial planning services. This helps increase employee satisfaction and participation in your retirement plan program. Our process includes:

  1. The Retirement Plan EvaluatorTM — our easy-to-use tool to evaluate your plan objectives and concerns
  2. The Retirement Plan OptimizerTM — a feasibility study to maximize tax benefits
  3. The Fiduciary ShieldTM — a formal investment policy statement to control risk
  4. The RFP ManagerTM — guidance through the plan selection process
  5. The Edu-tainment ExperienceTM — guidance through the transition to your new retirement plan
  6. The Wealthcare MonitorTM — managing the health and wealthfare of your new retirement plan